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With constant relocations, varying conditions, and long hours, the last thing you need to worry about is if your safety professional has the qualifications and experience to provide and maintain safety on the set. At Aquavision, we put safety at the forefront on all filming productions. Our set medics, safety divers, and lifeguardsare true safety professionals who have years of experience both in and out of the filming industry.

Set Medics

At Aquavision, we take safety seriously. Our medics are true set safeties. All of our set medics are emergency medical technician (EMT – 1A) certified and have on-set filming experience. We will maintain the safest set possible. If by chance an accident does occur, then we will provide the best possible emergency medical care available.

While on location, the set medic needs to be prepared to handle any and all situations. As a result, we will not be found in some remote corner waiting for an accident to occur. Instead, we will quietly go about our work seeing to it that everyone on the set is safe, both in front of and behind the camera. We take every possible safety precaution. This is not an easy task. Nor is it one that any EMT can provide. However, this is what you can expect from an Aquavision set medic.

Our commitment to set safety is deeply appreciated and respected by the filming industry. Many of Hollywood's producers, directors, and actors/actresses continuously request us. They know that an Aquavision set medic is as good as it gets.

Safety Divers

Just because you are SCUBA certified does not mean that you are a safety diver. Unless you are a safety professional as well as SCUBA certified, then while you are pretending to be a safety diver you are actually putting yourself as well as everyone else on the set in jeopardy. This is exactly why Aquavision safety divers are both emergency medical technician (EMT) trained as well as SCUBA certified.

Due to the unique nature of the filming industry, the stress and demands put on the safety specialists are different than those incurred in other environments. As a result, our safety divers are also filming experienced. We place safety at the forefront on any filming location; therefore, we only employ SCUBA certified, EMT qualified, and filming experienced safety divers.


Aquavision lifeguards are qualified and experienced pool, beach, and production safety professionals. Just because you are a beach lifeguard does not mean that by default you are also a pool lifeguard. There are major differences. The safety precautions and rescue procedures used at a pool differ from those exercised on the beach – and vice versa. Therefore, to ensure set safety, we will supply the appropriate lifeguard for each particular filming location. Likewise, due to the unique demands put on the safety personnel in the filming industry (ever changing locations, conditions, hours, etc…) our lifeguards have on-set film production experience as well.

Our work does not go unrecognized. Aquavision provides personal lifeguards to some of Hollywood's most renowned actors/actresses. They appreciate the premium we put on safety, and more importantly they know that our safety professionals will keep them out of harms way.