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AQUAVISION is the forerunner in the field of Marine Production for the Entertainment Industry. The term Marine Production encompasses more than just the supplying of boats, crews, and safety personnel (lifeguards, safety divers, and set medics) for a particular film production. More specifically, Marine Production refers to the behind the scenes planning and coordinating of how all the elements involved in the filming will interact with one another, so that -1- the set is as safe as possible, and -2- the required shots are captured on film.

In a day and age when it seems that everyone from private boat owners to charter companies are claiming to be “marine production” companies, AQUAVISION is the only one with a proven track record. Our quality of work restores faith in an area of the entertainment industry that is vital for future filming success. It is true that with each new and unqualified entrant into the “marine production” business, the entertainment industry looses more and more faith in the quality of work they can expect from this field. Our response is found in our resume. We can do what we say, because we have done it before. AQUAVISION has the resources necessary to supply the appropriate boats, crews, and safety personnel, but we also have proven Marine Production experience to ensure a safe and successful filming.

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